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Lawfield Arena

150 Folkestone Ave,

Hamilton, ON L8V 4R6


2020 OWBLL Season - has been CANCELLED due to the COVID-19 situation

Full Game Schedule - CANCELLED

June 6, 2020 in London

10:00AM  Hamilton vs. London

11:00AM   Toronto vs. Owen Sound

1:00PM     Hamilton vs. Niagara

2:00PM     Toronto vs. London

4:00PM     Niagara vs. Owen Sound

June 6, 2020  In  Clarington

11:00AM   Whitby vs. Arthur

12:00PM   Akwesasne vs. Grand River

2:00PM     Clarington vs. Arthur

3:00PM     Whitby vs. Grand River

5:00PM     Akwesasne vs. Clarington


June 27, 2020     Grand River - Brantford Gretzky Centre - Twin Pad

10:00AM     Grand River vs. Hamilton

11:00AM     Arthur vs.  London

1:00PM       Grand River vs. Toronto

 2:00PM      London vs.  Niagara

4:00PM       Akwesasne vs.Arthur



10:00AM     Niagara vs. Toronto

11:00PM     Clarington vs. Whitby

1:00PM       Akwesasne vs.Owen Sound

2:00PM       Clarington vs. Hamilton

4:00PM       Owen Sound vs. Whitby

July 11, 2020 In Owen Sound

10:00AM    Arthur vs. Owen Sound

11:00AM     Clarington vs. Niagara

12:00PM     Grand River vs.London

 2:00PM      Clarington vs. Owen Sound

 3:00PM      Grand River vs. Arthur

 July 12, 2020 In Owen Sound                   

10:00AM     Clarington vs. London

11:00AM     Grand River vs. Niagara

1:00PM        Owen Sound vs. London

2:00PM        Niagara vs. Arthur


July 11, 2020 in Whitby              

3:00PM        Akwesasne vs. Toronto

4:00PM        Whitby vs. Hamilton

July 12, 2020 in Whitby

10:00AM     Akwesasne vs. Hamilton

11:00AM     Whitby vs. Toronto

2:00PM        Toronto vs. Hamilton

3:00PM        Akwesasne vs. Whitby



July 25, 2020 in Arthur

10:00AM     Hamilton vs. Owen Sound

11:00AM     Clarington vs. Grand River

12:00PM     Toronto vs. Arthur

2:00PM        Grand River vs. Owen Sound

3:00PM        Hamilton vs. Arthur

4:00PM        Clarington vs. Toronto

July 25, 2020 In Niagara

12:00PM     Whitby vs. Niagara

1:00PM        Akwesasne vs. London

4:00PM        Whitby vs. London

5:00PM        Akwesasne vs. Niagara   


August 14-16, 2020               

Provincials - Hosted by Akwesasne                     



Check back often as the dates can change at anytime