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Lawfield Arena

150 Folkestone Ave,

Hamilton, ON L8V 4R6


Wednesday, Aug 18, 7:30-9:30pm


2021 OWBLL Season - has been CANCELLED due to the COVID-19 situation

Full Game Schedule - CANCELLED

June 6, 2020 in London

10:00AM  Hamilton vs. London

11:00AM   Toronto vs. Owen Sound

1:00PM     Hamilton vs. Niagara

2:00PM     Toronto vs. London

4:00PM     Niagara vs. Owen Sound

June 6, 2020  In  Clarington

11:00AM   Whitby vs. Arthur

12:00PM   Akwesasne vs. Grand River

2:00PM     Clarington vs. Arthur

3:00PM     Whitby vs. Grand River

5:00PM     Akwesasne vs. Clarington


June 27, 2020     Grand River - Brantford Gretzky Centre - Twin Pad

10:00AM     Grand River vs. Hamilton

11:00AM     Arthur vs.  London

1:00PM       Grand River vs. Toronto

 2:00PM      London vs.  Niagara

4:00PM       Akwesasne vs.Arthur



10:00AM     Niagara vs. Toronto

11:00PM     Clarington vs. Whitby

1:00PM       Akwesasne vs.Owen Sound

2:00PM       Clarington vs. Hamilton

4:00PM       Owen Sound vs. Whitby

July 11, 2020 In Owen Sound

10:00AM    Arthur vs. Owen Sound

11:00AM     Clarington vs. Niagara

12:00PM     Grand River vs.London

 2:00PM      Clarington vs. Owen Sound

 3:00PM      Grand River vs. Arthur

 July 12, 2020 In Owen Sound                   

10:00AM     Clarington vs. London

11:00AM     Grand River vs. Niagara

1:00PM        Owen Sound vs. London

2:00PM        Niagara vs. Arthur


July 11, 2020 in Whitby              

3:00PM        Akwesasne vs. Toronto

4:00PM        Whitby vs. Hamilton

July 12, 2020 in Whitby

10:00AM     Akwesasne vs. Hamilton

11:00AM     Whitby vs. Toronto

2:00PM        Toronto vs. Hamilton

3:00PM        Akwesasne vs. Whitby



July 25, 2020 in Arthur

10:00AM     Hamilton vs. Owen Sound

11:00AM     Clarington vs. Grand River

12:00PM     Toronto vs. Arthur

2:00PM        Grand River vs. Owen Sound

3:00PM        Hamilton vs. Arthur

4:00PM        Clarington vs. Toronto

July 25, 2020 In Niagara

12:00PM     Whitby vs. Niagara

1:00PM        Akwesasne vs. London

4:00PM        Whitby vs. London

5:00PM        Akwesasne vs. Niagara   


August 14-16, 2020               

Provincials - Hosted by Akwesasne                     



Check back often as the dates can change at anytime

2021  Update,

it looks like there will be no season  this summer

We are hoping that maybe, just maybe, we might be able to get a tournament or some exhibition games near the end of summer

IF that becomes a reality, we will let you know

Stay safe 

Lana  & Tony