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HAMILTON  BENGALS      Formerly Hamilton Lady Bengals

Jen KW Tourney 2015.png


      The Hamilton Bengals

(Formerly Hamilton Lady Bengals)

are proudly partnered with the

Six Nations Minor

Lacrosse Association

Intermediate Girls Team

and affiliated with the

Wallaceburg Minor

Lacrosse Association

Intermediate Girls Team

Full Body Contact Women's Box Lacrosse Team

Based out of Hamilton, Ontario

Attracting players from all over Ontario, far and wide

A team for ladies 19 and over

Interesting Facts
  • Team started in 2014 as an expansion of the Hamilton Minor Lacrosse Association, to allow those who graduated from Intermediate to continue to play

  • Proudly Affiliated with Hamilton Bengals Minor Lacrosse Association, Six Nations Minor Lacrosse Association & Wallaceburg Minor Lacrosse Association - Intermediate Girls Teams

  • Members from our Hamilton team have been selected to represent Ontario at the Canadian Female Box Lacrosse Nationals on multiple Jr & Sr Women's Team Ontario teams, including  Players, Coaches and Manager

  • We attract players from Hamilton, Brantford, Burlington, Mississauga, and as far as Wallaceburg, Sarnia, Orillia and all places in between!

  • We have players who range in skill levels from beginner to national level players

  • Hamilton players and bench staff participated in the 2015 Exhibition Game at the Presidents Cup in St Catherines, joining with Grand River Attack

  • Our Coaches have received many accolades over the years including the 2011 Zone 9 Coach of the Year,  the 2012 Hamilton Minor Lacrosse Coach of the Year, the 2016 OWBLL Coach of the Year , the 2016 Zone 7 Coach of the Year and more.

  • Hamilton's 2016 OWBLL MVP Megan Seed

  • Hamilton's 2017 OWBLL MVP Bridgette Folk

  • Hamilton's 2018 OWBLL MVP Shania Porter

  • Hamilton's 2018 OWBLL AllStair Megan Seed

  • Hamilton's 2019 OWBLL MVP Sydney McDonald

  • Hamilton's 2019 OWBLL AllStars Faith Dunford and Fawn Porter

  • Hamilton's 2022 WMSL MVP Megan Fox

  • Hamilton's 2022 OWBLL AllStars Jade Barko and Katy DeSnoo

To visit the Hamilton Minor Lacrosse website, click below 
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